What is a producer?
This is a great question and often a confusing one. From my experience there are at least 3 main types of producers in film and video.

1. Producers who fund
2. Producers who plan and organize, handle logistics.
3. Producers who create

1. Producers who fund, e.g., an executive producer or an associate producer, may not have much more to do with a production, but they are interested in paying for the production and then hopefully making money after its compete.

2. Producers who handle logistics oversee the entire production process. This includes finding funding, hiring crew, scouting locations, scheduling shoots, and seeing the project through to the end. This person could be called a producer, a line producer, a production manager or a variation. A good producer will have good connections and great delegation skills. The exact roles given to a producer are typically dependent on the size of the production and size of the budget.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia about film producers:
“From the first draft script, through all stages of production, to the final dub, success or failure rests largely in the hands of the producer. Experience in this field does not come overnight. Rather it is born out of long years of creative and technical know-how, and above all a love for the job and all that goes with it, together with the ability to choose the right talent with which to surround himself. – Julian Wintle”

3. Producers who create – This last type of producer is a term used on smaller productions to act as a catch all word. It references the person who is actually creating the work. This type or producer will often write, direct, operate the camera, light, etc. Is is the person who creates a piece of work – also known as a jack of all trades.

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