On Set Kit:

Building your kit is highly dependent on your role on set, but these basic tools should be with anyone at any time.

Headphones (over-ear is best)
My Favorite Low-Cost Headset | Best Affordable Professional Headset
Gaff tape (1″, 2″)
Red/Green paper tape (DIT System)
Small Notepad / Notebook
Pen | Pencil | Dry erase marker | Sharpie
Flash drive

SD Card or appropriate media (faster the better)
1080p recording | 4K recording | RAW recording
Card Reader (USB 3 or faster)
Allen Wrenches
Short power strip
Dimmer Switch
USB cables – all types
Slate or clap sticks (AV Syncing)
Grease Pencils (marking slate)
Highlighters (marking script)
Large Notepad
Grip Gear
Ibuprofen or pain relief medicine (Anyone with a headache will thank you)

Some specialty items may include:

Camera Department
– Slate
Lighting Department
– Grip Gear
Audio Department
– SD cards, syncing gear
– Printed scripts
Script Supervisor
– Printed script, 3 ring organized binder